3-Flour factory

From mill to flour factory

The existence of flour mills on the edges of the Aulencia`s river in the Valdemorillo´s limits was documented for first time in 1302.

At the end of the 19th century, a flour factory was installed in the village, which ended with the activity of these old mills.

The flour factory is a building that stands out for its size and architecture as soon as you enter in the village.

According to the architecture`s catalog of the XX century,  known as ARCHXX, the architect Enrique Simonet projected in 1942 this mill of Valdemorillo, entitled "La Palentina." (1)

Although the building is relatively recent, there has always been a mill dedicated to flour in this place.  Firstly with traction "in blood”, that it´s to say, moved by animals.

Lights of 1898

Around 1898 is known the presence of a flour factory in Valdemorillo belonging to the Society L and S. Suja.

Azañedo Suja family related to Falcó family, created a society that managed the flour factory and completed its activity with the provision of electric suppliance plant services.

This is because they installed the electricity to facilitate the work in the factory and then they extended the suppliance to the rest of the population.

Furthermore, there are documents that show the existence of the flour factory in Valdemorillo in 1919 on the name of Don Severiano Suja, as you can see in this official bulletin of Madrid (3)

After the Civil War, D. Jose Azañedo installed in a mill in river Aulencia mad of the saved machinery from the bombardment of the flour factory of Valdemorillo. (4)

Fábrica de harinas de Valdemorillo Ruta de la Piedra
Vistas desde el cementerio de Valdemorillo


In the postwar period, the factory was sold to Harinera "La Palentina”, which built the building that is preserved today.

After many years without any activity, and several refurbishings, nowadays the factory is a restaurant with a privileged location dedicated to weddings and events.

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