Valdemorillo is one of the world´s references of bullfighting and with our celebration of San Blas on the 3th February, begins the taurine season with the first bullfighting bulls and bullfights of Spain.

In them they meet the most famous bullfighters already consecrated and those who expect the triumph, since succeeding in this place can open the doors of Las Ventas Bullring.  So the experts say. As Varea says: "If you are lucky and you prove it in Valdemorillo, you already have at least one of the runs of San Isidro in the first Bullring in the world (Varea, B: 1991, 76)

Plaza de toros

Years ago these celebrations were made in the Town Hall´s Square, surrounded by carriages and which was accessed by fences that were prepared from Nava´s Bridge to run the confinement.

These squares of cars were replaced by others made of wood, properly prepared for the effect and numbered for its easy assembly from one year to another.

With the increase of neighbours and visitors they opted for portable bullrings on the outskirts of the village

Construction of the bullring

Finally in August 2002, the construction of the current bullring began and was inaugurated just before the Festivities on 2003.

Its structure made of prestressed concrete, was commissioned purposely to the Basque country and the enclosure of the square was made of refractory brick like Valdemorillo´s style.

On February 4, 2007, the bullring La Candelaria was reopened, displaying a modern cover for the occasion, guaranteeing the fair to be held, regardless of the weather conditions.

The ring´s capacity is about 4000 people.

Other Events

In the off-peak taurine season, it hosts all kinds of events such as summer festivals, concerts, cinema and all kinds of leisure and recreation activities.

Bullfighting Museum of Valdemorillo

The square also has a bullfighting museum of Valdemorillo. It was inaugurated in 2007. Inside, there are bullfighting fair sings of the town since 1960 and other objects of the bullfighting tradition.

Free entrance.

Telephone numbers: 91 897 73 13

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