1-Caño San Juan

Valdemorillo has never been characterized by the abundance of its waters, which has not prevented that in several points of the municipality there have always been fountains for public use, which flow decreases considerably in drought seasons.

Just at the entrance of the village  you can find one of the most outstanding fountains due to its antiquity.

Caño de San Juan. Ruta de la piedra, Valdemorillo
Caño de San Juan. Ruta de la piedra, Valdemorillo

San Juan’s fountain, dates back form 1869 although it is suspected that its origin might be even earlier.

The “Caño de San Juan” is located in a beautiful park between San Juan´s  Street and Caño de San Juan´s Street, takes its name from.

This is a good resting point for the multiple routes that can be done walking along the surroundings of our town.

Very close to the fountain there is one of the many watering holes that are in multiple paths that Valdemorillo has to offer, which have been recently renewed.

 Until the seventies there was a kiosk picnic where people would enjoy freshness and the breeze in that area.

Caño de San Juan. Ruta de la piedra, Valdemorillo

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